Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm Back .....

I'm back after this long hiatus.. Hope you all haven't given up on me.. I promise to do better..

So, lets see.. Here is what has been going on in my life..

Wedding - Its only 69 days to our wedding now. There is so much still left to be done and most of it won't even start till I get to India.. Hope I can get everything done in month.. Can't beleive that in 69 days, ther'll be someone whom I'm refer to as "My Husband".. Also, everytime I sign my name, I'm reminded that its going to change now.. Sapan has said that he doesn't care if I change my name or not, but I'm a traditional kinda girl.. So, I'm going to change my name to Tanvi Akkad Devimane..

Move - I also have to move out of my apartment and into Sapan's condo.. I'm going to miss my place.. It was a nice home for me for the past couple years.. But I'm now looking forward to starting my new life with Sapan..

Work - I've been traveling back and forth to San Clemente Island (an island off the coast of San Diego). Now, when I first started working on this project, I was loving the idea of going to an island. Little did I know what I was getting into.. This place has NOTHING.. It has one dining facility which makes the dining halls at UMass
seem like good restaurants. It has one bar which serves mainly grease and beers. The work is challenging, but, being stuck here just makes it NOT fun.. Yesterday however we had lost an asset and had to go looking for it with an underwater camera.. So, that was fun.. I also learned kinda how to drive a boat..

Flu - I've been battling this cold / flu for the past couple weeks.. I hope I haven't gotten anyone here on the island sick..

Bachelorette Party - Rina is planning my bachlerotte party for April 4th.. My friends and family are coming into town for that. Shivani will be here.. Sujal and Gargi are coming from Chicago.. Rhythm is here all the way from India.. Saya is coming from Philly, Angela is coming from North Hampton. Sital and Deepa are coming.. Payal, Nisha and Yogita are probably coming as well.. I feel so humbled and loved when I see who all is coming.. Thanks Rina for organizing this..

In-Laws - Sapan's parents are here.. So, I've been hanging out with them a bit and getting to know them.. Its been fun..
His sister Shruti had her baby couple months ago and we went to her cradling ceremony couple weeks ago.. It was great being called "mami".. Sapan also loves being called "masa" .. We're both very excited to be a part of each other's families..

Food - Since I've been traveling a lot, I haven't been cooking much.. I did however cook this stuffed red pepper with risotto with tomato cream sauce.. It came out wonderfully the first time around, the second time that I cooked it, we used light cream instead of heavy cream and also went a little light on the cheese, and it didn't taste that good .. Oh well, I now know the secret to good tasting food.. Unhealty things!

Well... Thats about it from my side.. I'll try and do a better job of updating the blog now..