Monday, August 3, 2009

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Bandh Ho.. Aur Chabi Kho Jaye..

Ok.. Nothing that drastic.. But, this is the first weekend since we've gotten married that we didn't have any social engagements.. OK.. We had one on Saturday that we forgot.. And then the one that we had on Sunday got postponed.. So, we spent the weekend just the two of us.. It was great.. And suprisingly enough, other than having ice-cream on saturday evening and onion rings at the beach, we had all other meals at home..

On Friday, we just hung out at home, had leftovers for dinner, watched Singh Is Kinng on On-Demand.

On Saturday, we went to Narragansett Beach . Had a blast in the water there.. It was getting to be high tide when we got to the beach. The weather was perfect.. About 85 degrees at the beach and the water temperature was close to 70 degrees. There were about 2-3ft waves which was just the icing on the cake.. The beach was quite crowded, but we managed to find space to plop down our beach towels and get some tan too.. We plan to go there couple more times while the weather is still good.. Then in the evening we had dinner at home and realized that over the past few weeks, we're gaining lots of weight. So, we went out for a nice relaxing walk in our neighborhood.. Since we had burnt lots of calories on this walk ;-) we decided to go out for ice cream. We met up with our friends Raju and Divya and went to Toscanini's in Cambridge. I had their "cake batter" ice cream. It was OK. I still prefer Cold Stone's Cake Batter though.

On sunday, we did our religious house hunting open housing activity. Saw houses in Lexington, Arlington, Brookline and Watertown. Haven't liked any just yet.. I've been told to be patient.. So, that is what we're being.. Then we got our weekly supply of fruits from Russo's. I'm begining to love this small farmstand.. They even have vegetables that used to be found only in indian stores, like dudhi, methi, chillies, okra.. As for fruits, we got grapes, oranges and lychees.. Looking forward to savoring them all.. And then we spent the rest of sunday lazying at home and watching the Red Sox beat the Orioles.. We had leftovers for dinner again..

And, now its monday and its back to the grind stone.. I am however looking forward to our spain trip now..