Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where to go for my birthday weekend?

I am thinking someplace nice and warm...

Options are..

1. Corpus Christi, TX -- Why TX you ask?, Its one of the states I've never visited
2. Myrtle Beach, SC -- SC , also another state I haven't been to.. Maybe you see a pattern here.
3. Puerto Rico -- Only because, Non US Citizens don't need a visa to visit
4. NYC -- See a Broadway Play..

I've been to Miami and San Diego, and don't want to go there again..

Suggestions are welcome..


Anonymous said... about Chicago !!

Deepa said...

Puerto Rico sounds good. Its 'nice and warm' and you don't need visas and I don't think you have been there before and sounds like a nice vacation place.
The beach - you can go anytime in your life, even when you have kids ;)
NY - is too close.
Texas - just sounds boring...there is nothing there. (I have cousins who live there and they have said so.)

Tanvi said...

People I'm going with can't take days off from work :-( .. So, it has to be a short weekend trip..