Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Whats been going on in my life....

1. Sapan and I are back together and will be getting married at some point in May 2009.. Stay tuned for updates

2. Have way too much work to do
3. Learned how to make Gol Papdi, Sheera and Sabudana-ni-khichdi . Stay tuned for recipes and pics..


Sapanraj said...

I couldn't have been happier :-)

deepa said...

Congrats...I'm very happy for you!! I love Sapan's comment...its sooo sweet...awww :)
Hey, you should start one of those wedding website (like the one Tush has).

Tanvi said...

aww.. thanks you guys for the comments..

Deepa, notice bullet 2.. Once work settles a bit, I'll put up a website like Tush's..