Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Question - Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? Answer - YES! [Outcome - We're Engaged!!]

On Friday June 27th Sapan said to me, lets go to Barmakian Jewellers in Natick to see what kind of rings they have. Its always good to shop around. We decided that we would go on Saturday.. For some reason (Oh, I think its because we went to see the Sex and the City movie) we ended up not going to the jewellers. And, then the rest of the week went by quite quickly as well. On Thursday July 3rd, we decided to try again, and then it rained and we never ended up getting to the store but decided that we would go on Monday. On Friday July 4th, Sapan insisted on having to talk to his parents before we left for Maine. I thought he was insisting because we were going to be away for the weekend and wouldn't have good cell phone reception. Little did I know this was all planning and fake plays for the big event..

Chapter 1:
When we were driving to Maine, I decided to give my mom a call.. Couldn't reach her, so, left her a message.. She called me back, we talked for a few minutes and then she abruptly hung up.

Chapter 2:
We were almost done getting ready to go watch the fireworks. Sapan was sitting in chair with his laptop in his lap and there was something in his pocket. We were also watching the bottom of the 9th inning of the RedSox - Yankees game with 1 man on 2nd and 2 outs. , where the Red Sox were up 6 - 3. Anyway, I asked Sapan what was in his pocket and he mumbled "oh nothing" and pretty much right then, Coco Crisp made that awesome diving catch which they ruled a base hit and a run scored with a man on second now. The tying run was now at the plate, so, I forgot about the fact that there was soemething in Sapan's pocket and I started watching the game. Anyway, the Red Sox won the game, so, I now wanted to go out and watch the fireworks.

Chapter 3:
As we were leaving Sapan asked me if I wanted to know what was in his pocket and I said "sure" and he pulled out the ring box and man oh man I was suprised.. I had not expected this at all.. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and slipped the gorgeous ring on my finger and ofcourse I accepted. He then asked me if I wanted to celebrate, to which I again said "sure".. He then asked me to look in the drawers of the dresser that was in our room to see if they had something we could celebrate with.. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, so, to put me out of my misery, he opened the drawer and pulled out a box which had 2 beautiful Champagne flutes with our names and date and hearts engraved on it. He also pulled out a bottle of Champagne which had been chilling quite stealthily behind the chair..

Chapter 4:
After our mini celebration, we called our parents and asked for their blessings, which they very lovingly gave us.. Thanks!
And, then we spent the next 2 days hiking and driving and enjoying the rustic beauty of Maine.

The rest of the pictures from our trip are posted here

Hmm.. Our story has just begun so, there is no epilogue.. As for our next milestone, we are looking forward to planning our wedding. Suggestions that would make our planning easier are always welcome! We are hoping that all our near and dear ones can make it to our wedding and share our joy!


deepa said...

Congrats again! Nice to read the details finally. Great photos...as usual...you guys really look great together. I like how you are trying to show off your ring in every picture ;-) and you have every right to...that is a georgeous ring!!

Tanvi said...

Haha.. yep.. we were almost posing in every picture so that the ring would be visible.. I guess we'll stop doing it in a few months!

rhythm fadia said...

nice pics...n me too glad to read the finer details....sapan is really very sweet....he did a good job...n m very happy for both of u....dad was saying sapan ekdum mahaan che ke he cud manage to patao tanvi :)

Tejal-Viren said...

heartiest congratulations ... we were waiting for this good news for a long time now !!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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