Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Update

Weekend started on Wednesday night on account of the Thanksgiving holiday.. We had pizza for dinner.. Hadn't had pizza in the longest time.. Was yummy..

Thursday - We went to Sital's place in Springfield for Hersh's 1st birthday celebration.. Hersh seemed to be enjoying the party.. Was running around everywhere, picking up everything that was on the floor. Sital tried to capture all this on video.. It was nice seeing Nehal after almost a year.. Am jealous of her "almost at the beach" apartment.. She was telling us how just last week, she was at the beach in her shorts and t-shirt.. Hmm.. That would be nice but, I'd miss the distinct seasons that we have here in the Northeast.. Also hung out with Deepa, Premal, Diya and Ami at the party..

Friday - Sapan had to go to work.. I had the day off.. So, I slept in.. When I did finally wake up, I did some cleaning around the house and then headed into Boston for lunch with Sapan.. I wanted to go to Chacarero but the location was closed (Something we should have checked ahead of time, before walking a mile in the rain...) so, we ended up going to Salvatore's near Sapan's office. It was a good decision.. The lunch was yummy!! I had Gnocci and Sapan had their Butternut Ravioli.. Stuffed from lunch, we were wondering how we'd be able to manage a heavy indian dinner.. We had plans to go to Pongal that evening.. At Pongal , I ordered their specialty Adai which came recommended by Arun. Sapan and the rest ordered NorthIndian food.. Both were good. I was able to finish half the Adai there and brought the rest home.

Saturday - This was yet another "lazy"ish day.. Woke up, watched some TV, heated up leftovers from the previous night for breakfast and then sat down to read a book. I had been reading Jhumpa Lahiri's latest book Unaccustomed Earth . As I finished the book, I realized that all her books are very morbid. They are quick to read, but, there really isn't much of a happy ending in them. Leaves me feeling depressed at times.. Oh well..Later in the afternoon we went out to get a Christmas tree for the house. Didn't end up buying a tree then, but, got the trimmings for it. Later in the evening, we had a nice satisfying dinner of bhel.

Sunday - Went out to finally get the Christmas tree. We got a small (3 ft) potted one. . Figured it was easier to deal with it rather than a cut one, where we'd have to get a stand, skirt, etc. Decorated it as soon as we got back home while Sapan was making me lunch! All we need now is presents! We spent the rest of the day watching football games. Am bummed that Texans couldn't beat Inday.. Felt bad for Dixon when he lost the Pittsburg game. We also saw a documentary about last year's terrorist attack on Mumbai. It was quite enlightening. It doesn't portray the Mumbai Police and the Indian Army in a very good light. Not sure if Indian authorities have actually seen it. Hope last year's tragedy has been a wake-up call for the authorities.

And, its back to the work week now.. Was nice having a 4 day holiday.. Need it more often!..


rhythm fadia said...

good to read ur blog :)
my thanksgiving was spent @ home working on my assignment..but we did manage to party and shop on friday..nice christmas tree...m waiting for my present :P

Tanvi said...

Assignment over Thanksgiving sounds awful! Good that you guys managed to party.. What did you get on Friday? Any good deals?

If you visit us, there will be a present waiting for you under the tree!

Haddock said...

Oh yes does not portray India in a good light.
See "The Indian Express" in my blog.