Monday, April 23, 2007

What did I do all weekend?

Red Sox 7, Yankees 6
A Red Sox fan held up a sign reading "sweep" in Japanese and English.
(Reuters Photo)

Friday - Watched the Red Sox beat the Yankees. It was a nice come from behind victory for the Sox. This would be considered a good day for the Sox fans

Saturday - I was supposed to go shopping for cleaning supplies.. But, it was too good a day to be wasted inside a store, so I decided to go to Harvard Square for lunch at Filipés, bought a book from a homeless guy and spent the day in the square reading the book. Then I watched the second Red Sox-Yankees game, where the R-Sox won again. :-).. This was like an icing on the cake for the Sox fans..

Sunday - Had brunch at La Creperie and then went shopping for indian groceries at the new Patel Bros. in Waltham. Couple people were raving about the place, so, I decided to check it out.. I must say, I am not all that impressed by it.. Yeah, the place is bigger, but, the prices are still the same, the produce isn't really any fresher.. I think I'm going to stick to either Shalimar Food and Spices in Cambridge or New Apna Bazaar in Waltham. Then I finally got my cleaning supplies from Target and got the regular groceries from Shaws.. Later in the evening, I watched the final game of the 3 game Sox-Yankees series.. It was wonderful to see the Sox sweep the Yanks..

Is this the begining of an awesome season for the Sox? Lets hope so..


Kavita said...

I still root for Bo. Sox!

deepa said...

Go Sox! They are definitely hot right now. And a couple of sweeps against the Yankees is never bad :)