Monday, May 14, 2007


What motivates people? Is it the promise of the joy felt when you succeed at something? Is it doing something new? Are people motivated by a deadline / goal?

The reason I ask this, is that I've been feeling pretty unmotivated these days.. And, I've been feeling like this for the past month or so.. So much so, that I haven't even calculated the expenses from my VT trip about a month ago, and I'm usually the one to do this the day after a trip.. I mostly attribute this unmotivation to not having a lot to do at work.

Is life just passing me by? Do we always have to be doing something, or can we at times just stand still and let the time pass?

Do we regret not taking full advantage of the time?

I know, I'm all questions today.. Its just that I don't have answers to these questions..


rhythm fadia said...

happens too in a similar condition...but it will pass..something will come up...n u will be up n abt...jus relax now..n let things happen...after all v dont get such a time frequently

Nachi said...

well usually the answer's pretty simple for us men!! ;)

..but then, like i always say, "hang in there until you find that spark. and in the meanwhile, raise a toast!"

its nice to finally come across your blog.

Tanvi said...

And just as you guys mentioned that I should take it easy, work started getting hectic.. Now, I'm involved in 3 DIFFERENT things and overloaded with work..

rhythm fadia said...

c i told u u will be loaded soon...good now u gotta work it out :)