Monday, May 21, 2007


Today as I was walking to Harvard Square from home, listening to my i-pod (the one that raja gave me as my graduation gift last year), I realized that I was singing along quite loudly. Now, everyone knows that I can't carry a tune. So, when I realized that I was being loud, I looked around quite embarrased, hoping that no one had seen me, thankfully I didn't recognize anyone in my vicinity .. whew ..

But, see, I felt like I should not have had to look around and should have been OK singing as loudly as I wanted, and so what if it sounded horrible.. Atleast I was having fun.

I feel like these days we're paying too much attention to how other people feel about us. I know I am to blame a little bit about this too.. I'm at time quite intolerant to people around me. We expect people to behave in a particular manner when they are out in public. Who made all these rules? I don't think I was disturbing the peace of the neighborhood with my singing. Yeah, I might have disturbed a few individuals, but, Isn't that OK?

I think I'm going to change myself and be more tolerant of people. So what if we have people that talk to themselves. Maybe they don't have anyone else to talk to. Hmm.. Thats yet another blogging topic.

For now, my new motto for the week is going to be "Tolerance"